How to register to the CRL Play In Tournament


  1. Contact your club Registrar to register the team in the 2020 Summer Tournament season.
  2. The team must be in the 2020 Summer Tournament Season.
  3. Once the team is in the 2020 Summer Tournament Season, log in to your account and select the Team tab.
  4. Under Teams, you will see your team and the 2020 Summer Tournament season. Click Apply to Tournament on the right hand side.
  5. Select 2020 CRL Youngers Play In Tournament from the Tournaments Open For Registration drop down menu. Click on the Register button to start the application. (2006 is youngers play in tournament)
  6. Complete the application as instructed. When you reach the Comments sections, enter your 2019 Fall league (SCDSL, CSL, PRESIDIO, ETC) and State/National Cup results.
  7. Submit your application and payment.


Please Note: A completed application means it has been submitted and payment has been made. Only completed application will be reviewed and accepted into the 2020 CRL Play in Tournament.